5 Polish Cakes and Pastries to try in Warsaw

Recipes for polish cakes and cakes were developed in the Age of Enlightenment. Before Polish people used sugar as a medicine than as a means to preserve the food. Thanks to French influences, sugar became more common in Poland. By the end of the XVIII century, Polish cookbooks contained French-style cake and dessert recipes. Poles quickly forgot about the desserts known so far – like ginger with honey or sweet flag plant in sugar. 

In today’s video, I would like to concentrate on 5 Polish cakes that you should try on your trip to Warsaw. I hope that this video will convince you to try some of those delicious pieces!

Dishes mentioned in this video:

1. Pączek, Pracownia Cukiernicza Zagoździński, Górczewska 15, 01-186 Warszawa – Polish Doughnut

2) Pączek, Kremówka/Napoleonka, A. Blickle, Nowy Świat 33, 00-029 Warszawa – Polish Doughnut, Polish Cream Pie

3) Racuchy, Słodki Słony, Mokotowska 45, 00-551 Warszawa – Polish pancakes with apples

4) Wuzetka, Cukiernia Olczak i Syn, Śmiała 1, 01-523 Warszawa – Polish chocolate cake from Warsaw

5) Zygmuntówka, Cukiernia Olczak i Syn, Śmiała 1, 01-523 Warszawa – Polish meringue cake from Warsaw

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