12 Weird German Foods and Drinks

Germans eat pretty weird stuff. If you are adventurous and you would like to try something bizzare, by the end of this blog post, you will have the list of 12 specialities that you should try on your trip to Germany. Drinks Apfelschorle I’m going to start this list with a very popular drink which … Read more

How to buy authentic Oscypek vs. Golka Cheese

Oscypek is traditional cheese from Polish mountains. It’s a smoked, very salty cheese made of sheep. The taste of the cheese is pretty strong, and not everybody will be fond of it, but I think that the cheese is something that you should try when you are in Podhale. The authentic Oscypek can be found … Read more

Food you must try in Singapore

In Singapore, people certainly don’t cook at home. They buy and eat their food in Hawker Centers! Therefore you will find very quickly place to eat while being here. Hawker Centers house many stalls that sell a variety of inexpensive food – the food that locals eat. The food centers provide tables and chairs for … Read more