7 dishes that you have to try in Allgäu

Traditional Dishes Allgäu

Every summer me and my husband go on holiday to the Alps. Our favorite place there is called Ostallgäu, which is in Bavarn Swabia. The area is popular for its beautiful landscapes and amazing food. There you will also find one of the most beautiful castles: Neuschwanstein. Exactly this castle was an ispiration for the … Read more

5 cheeses you need to try in German Alps

German Cheese from the Alps

  The first time when I have heared that Germany makes its own cheese I was very curious, I couldnt believe this. On my third visit in Allgäu (south west part of Bavaria, on the Austrian border), I have dicided to give it a go. We went to Apine dairy shop where we took a … Read more