Polish Easter Food – Best 20 Polish Easter Dishes

Polish Easter Food is delightful and sadly most of the Polish Easter dishes we get to eat only once a year. We start our Easter celebration with Easter breakfast, but let’s be honest – we eat all day long!  Easter is the most important holiday in the Catholic Church, and after a long period of … Read more

30 Polish Food to try in Poland – Ultimate Guide to Traditional Polish Food

Ultimate Guide to Traditional Polish Food Tart, rich and satisfying – those are the three words I would use to describe Polish cuisine. Polish food I will be introducing you to is the one from my childhood. Those specialities will always have a special place in my heart, and I hope that this guide will … Read more

5 Polish Cakes and Pastries to try in Warsaw

Recipes for polish cakes and cakes were developed in the Age of Enlightenment. Before Polish people used sugar as a medicine than as a means to preserve the food. Thanks to French influences, sugar became more common in Poland. By the end of the XVIII century, Polish cookbooks contained French-style cake and dessert recipes. Poles … Read more

How to buy authentic Oscypek vs. Golka Cheese

Oscypek is traditional cheese from Polish mountains. It’s a smoked, very salty cheese made of sheep. The taste of the cheese is pretty strong, and not everybody will be fond of it, but I think that the cheese is something that you should try when you are in Podhale. The authentic Oscypek can be found … Read more