Polish sweets – Eating traditional Polish sweets

In this video, I would like to share with you the Polish sweets that I grew up with. Traditional Polish candy are delicious and eating polish candy reminds me of home. To make things clear in this video I only included polish candy I truly love. Among the Polish snacks, I introduce are polish chocolate bars and polish chocolate pralines. I hope that after watching this video you will also be trying polish snacks on your trip to Poland!


Polish sweets mentioned in the video:

⇛ Krówki – polish fudge

⇛ Ptasie mleczko 

⇛ Malaga

⇛ Tiki Taki

⇛ Kasztanki

⇛ Prince Polo

⇛ Michalki

⇛ Delicje szampańskie

⇛ Draże

If you like Polish food you should definitely try some of the mouthwatering Polish cakes aswell!

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Polish sweets

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